Let’s face it, the main catch when you get to Rank 40 is your renown rank. I know thats definitely the catch for me, of course…you get these people who roll numerous alts and while I am sure they enjoy it, I always have this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that my main character isn’t complete. It’s not like once you’ve reached max level, thats it…you still have that long harsh grind towards RR80.

It was a pretty smart move on Mythic’s behalf  because they obviously knew that the hardcore lot would strive for world first RR80 and that it would keep alot of people occupyed. Writing this, I remember when renown farming was really big. I know KA I used to run numerous renown farming groups, this simply involved taking everything we can in one zone and hopping to the next. It was an easy life and with the banter of my guild mates Ventrilo, it was pretty fun too! But of course, we get the people who think its cheating…(you know who I’m talking about Xanthian and Para, hey, you got a mention, congrats!). Renown rank was only another level to grind, grinding BOs wasn’t any different to grinding mobs to level! :p Face it.

Recently, I’ve kinda lost the will to grind my renown rank…I’m at RR59 at the moment and the second highest Rune Priest on my server (I think, WAR-Eu leaderboards are down again, nice work GOA!). And this is from taking a semi-inactive break from playing my Rune Priest (rl problems ahoy). Either way, smart work by Mythic on introducing the renown rank. While all the problems in the game are still there, you still have us all striving to get to RR80 (go Magdwar, you fucking whore!). Luckily, I’ve become more tolerant to feeling the need to get this level as high as possible. But I know I’m going to feel sore once Smokee and/or Calawyn finally get past me on the leaderboards.

I have a week break from uni coming up soon, maybe I can try for 63? Oh god, I don’t want to start thinking like this again!!


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