Soloing in Scenarios.

On my server forums on Warhammer Alliance *cough* nazis *cough*. There is a lovely little debate based on Soloing in Scenarios, if you haven’t heard of this before, its pretty much what it says on the tin. A player decides to leave the group and solo in a scenario, now you might be thinking, why the fuck would anyone do that? Well…looking back at my very first post here on my blog…its for RENOWN!

Ah yes, your good old renown rank! By soloing in scenarios, providing you do it correctly, you will gain a hefty bit more renown. This is due to you not having to share your renown gain with the rest of your party and if you do it correctly, you could be possibly racking in 7-10k+ renown and thats at RR60+! So, with every easy way of getting renown come the ‘do gooders’ who complain and think its lame and noobish, just like everyone who moaned about farming BOs and keeps (you all have far too much time on your hands!).

Since this is my blog, I’ll give you my opinion on it. And that is, just let us do it. I know fine well at higher renown ranks, its a pain in the arse to get it anywhere unless you are in a reasonably good scenario premade and even then, thats bringing in 3-4k, nothing compared to the renown gain of a soloer. Soloing in scenario is a dream for Healers, we still do our job (healing your sorry arses) and we can heal ourselves and live a happy life (grats to Benelic by the way, he did 420k solo healing in Scenario yesterday and got 10.5k renown, nice work!). I must admit, as a Rune Priest, I don’t really solo much…I am usually in a lovely little guild group where I have much more fun. However, in PUG, I know I will start to go solo…PUGs are far to incompetent (most of the time!) to really give it a good shot and if your PUG is getting owned (which they usually will be) they are taking alot of a damage. This is big news for a solo healer, it means you heal more, meaning more renown! Hence why its awesome to solo in scenarios.

Damage dealers and tanks have a different issue however, with their lack of healing, their survivability goes down when they aren’t in a party with a healer. My opinion on this is, if a BW or whoever can deal with not having to be healed and can accept that they won’t get many if no heals because they are soloing then let them do it. There isn’t any right or wrong, if it was deemed wrong…surely Mythic would bring some sort of shitty fix to stop the problem? But it isn’t wrong, Mythic have left it in the game for people to exploit.

So yeah, to finish this wall of text off, Soloing in Scenarios is not a bad thing in my eyes. Its necessary, if you think its lame then you’re kidding yourself if you ever think you are going to get R80 by the turn of the century.


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