MMO Drama.

Hahaha, this has been a funny week. Just want to apologise for lack of posts, its been a busy week in RL and ingame so haven’t had much chance to do anything on this blog. Anyways, here comes a brilliant story and me letting my steam off. 🙂

Well, a number of guild members I was with in Asgards have decided along with me to split off and form a new guild, we did this on Wednesday night and it was a right pisstake. Firstly, I was bugged in the Asgards so I couldn’t leave and had to notify a CSR and well…you can only imagine to be honest. I didn’t get a reply for days but when I did, I have gotten everything sorted…so at least they did something useful.

So, once we had made a guild with an alt of mine. ‘Imba’ was finally born, I am really excited about this (the guild tag looks awesome under everyones names!) and I can’t wait to finally do something with these guys (I am at my girlfriends from Thursday to Sunday afternoon this week, so I haven’t had much time to do anything regarding the guild!). Either way, I got TS sorted (thanks to KDS for being the only supportive lot through out this!) and the website and forums will be sortet out next week.

Shortly after we had made this, I had a recruitment thread on Warhammer Alliance and this is where the fun really fucking begins.  This was a really simple post and I expected it just to be a few ‘nice guys’ and ‘good lucks’ but of course, we thought we had left the Asgards on a friendly note but we obviously never. We got a mass of abuse from total cockfarts from Asgards (mainly their officers, who I used to plan stuff with and go to meetings with). I don’t see why they thought about sending us a mass of abuse (wasn’t just them, was some prick from Unimpressed too, shut the fuck up arsehole). Either way, Draig, possibly the biggest cunt in The Asgards (who I know a number of people of dislike within the guild and not just my lads who left with me) decided to have one of his full on rants (just like he did about soloing in scenarios ’cause he knew people would get ahead of him, you are just a fucking whiner man) and the big drama exposed. I don’t wanna speak too much on all the crap he said but to be fair, you are easily so far up your into your own bowel that you talk utter shit!

I am sure the ‘Deputy GL of Asgards’ tag in your sig on Warhammer Alliance all high and mighty but frankly, you are just deluded, to much you’re just a prick. Askil is the only one who is genuinely a nice person and I don’t want this to fall back on him.

Anyways, I’m going to stop this uber rant ’cause my girlfriend is lying in bed waiting for me hohoho. So please, when I come back on Sunday…I’ll happily have a word with Draig, Niffe and/or Askil on Teamspeak to finally get this sorted. Either way, I didn’t realise you guys were such a bunch of cunts.

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2 Responses to “MMO Drama.”

  1. 1 peequeque January 31, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Guilds are supposed to be happy-fun-times 😦

  2. 2 benny January 31, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    hehe nice post 😛 well i think you will need to poke some one ells then draig, the tosser have /ignored us all, what i don’t understand is why he ignored me ? i simply don’t get it, i haven’t done him any thing wrong i did believe him to like me and think i was ok, but so it was not, dude get a life, its not like i am your girlfriend and you own me, dude wake up plz, should you not be like 32 or something, you act like you are younger then my brother and he is 10, gg draig you are pathetic

    see ya on sunday GodStomper hugs and kisses benelic

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